-r o s n e r- cd 1 2
fotos: rainer zettel
  www.allmusic.com reviewer: Francois Couture

The fifth installment in a series of ten live 32 CDs, Rosner documents the trio Thilges 3s participation in an installation by Viennese sculptor Claudia Märzendorfer. Her colored ice sculptures were scattered around the room and left to melt while the musicians provided a soundtrack. The music, all synthesizers and electronics, begins as a drone and quickly evolves as it gains a rhythm pattern -- a looped glitch sequence -- and a half-sketched melody, courtesy of a Doepfer synthesizer. The result draws equal portions from Fennesz twisted sense of rhythm, Voice Cracks clicking apparatuses, Biospheres atmospheres, and Tangerine Dreams early pieces. Near the end, something sounding like echoing water drops remind us of the natural process that happened in front the audience members1 eyes. Not groundbreaking, but nonetheless quite nice.