-r o s n e r- 1 2
25.,may 2000-live (vienna)
mastered in vienna 2001
instrument: a-100 (doepfer), moog prodigy
design: christian bretter, IWO INT.
(c)&(p) 2000 thilges 3
isrc at-h66-99-th305
  "ein Fels der elektronik " ed benndorf

Ampersand Etcetera

The latest in Thilges3 1s series of 32 disks documenting their live selves -
the first was reviewed in v3.05 (they are available from Thilges either individually or as a subscription). This piece was part of a performance where the band played in a room full of melting ice-sculptures. In typical Thilges fashion this is a great, developing piece - it starts slow and dark, with drumming and clatters. In the distance notes are heard, gradually emerging. Shifting gear, beats enter around a quarter way in. This is an exciting energetic period, descending tones, fast and exciting, whistlings and speaker jumping popops. Then into a more freeform abstract part, sibilance and big bangs, sirens and buzzing, tlots happening rapidly. Warm backwards synth tones and into a final exciting crescendo of a conclusion. Another lovely little correspondence from this secretive little mob who have a knack for putting together brimming electrotechno missives.