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pics by: rainer zettel
  Ice-suitcases and Iceboxes.
The sculptural installation as accompaniment to the performance emerged as a reflex to the musicians electronic sound-world. Ice-suitcases and iceboxes is not an illustration of cool musical tones but an investigation on the transfer of objects into the system of a performance. It is an attempt, in its production highly complicated and fragile, without guaranteed success.
A leap into cold water. The selection of the objects (suitcases and bags) stands in close relation to the claim of the ensemble Thilges 3 not to choose conventional locations for their performances, but to make use of highly frequented public venues, if possible. Corresponding to the embedding of music into the acoustic context of a train station, Claudia Märzendorfer plays with the conditions and associations of this environment. The train station as a transitory zone, a station on the way - not the destination - people come into view and disappear again. Every-day objects are positioned, in which typical embodiments of the scene can be recognized. Items one would expect, suitcases and bags; with which expectations are connected, relocation as a possibility of change. Music can´t be held, it remains. Are endless loops objects? Only once the train departs we can hear it, unless we are on it, but that doesn´t take us closer to our desires.
Claudia Märzendorfer´s suitcases and iceboxes fade away with the duration of the musical performance. They melt during the performance, content included. Objects on the move, staged objects. Perfect Disappearance. Static movement. Many relations are stimulated, some of it is explained by the music, but not all.

reiner zettel