radio hotline:
Mediaspace 06
Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
19. - 22.10.06

Polyphon zwitschernd aßen Mäxchens Vögel Rüben, Joghurt und Quark.
A new radio station called "radio hotline" is installed on a free frequency in the area of stuttgard.
The station (and thus the festival) has to be promoted in stuttgard during festival. But nothing will be transmitted.
Only at one place in the festival center there is a small installation consisting of answering set, transmitter and a radio.
For people that are "interested" in the new radio station, a hotline number is published. For inspired radio listeners this "hotline" will tell them that they will be live on air in a few seconds.
The incoming calls ( there might be nobody ) are transmitted as radio signals over our mini transmitter and can be heard on the published frequency via the radio nearby .