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"RadioNoir" by Albert Ostermaier
at Schauspiel Frankfurt
Parthenope: Ruth Marie Kröger
Director: Michale Bischoff
pics by: XXX


Thilges 3 scoring "Radio" Noir by Albert Ostermaier at Schauspiel Frankfurt
With the words "talk to me" the Nighttalker Parthenope invites to a rapid radio night. She is the voice in the night: a siren, which pulls her listeners into the spell. But Parthenope is also Domina, Preacher and Moralist. Albert Ostermaiers piece is a nocturnal scenery of the city and its people. Parthenope evokes their monstroese and destroyed natures, their sexual fantasies, their lives, seduces and provokes them, drives them to the edge of insanity, lets them fall as victims of their self craze and dissects merciless what she finds: Tristesse, the large city as accumulation of blunted wrecks, love, diminished to bare satisfaction.