-s a u m a r k t-
20.february 2000-live (feldkirch)
mastered in vienna 2000
instrument: a-100 (doepfer), moog prodigy
design: christian bretter, IWO INT.
(c)&(p) 2000 thilges 3
isrc at-h66-99-th303
Artikel in De bug September 2000 Bleed

Thilges3 (Thilges):
Oh. MiniCDs im Abo, gute Idee. Doch, wenn die Musik auf den anderen so ist wie hier dann auf jeden Fall. Minimal knisternder Funk auf einem immer sympathischer flackernden Track in ziemlich kurzweiligen 20 Minuten. Eine Bassdrum und ein paar Effekte können da schon mal reichen um einen irgendwie into the Groove zu bekommen. Lang lebe die Drummachine und Ich. Oder wer immer es war. Also. Im Netz nachsehen und wohlfühlen mit einem der minimalistischsten Tracks der Woche.

THILGES 3: Saumarkt

Thilges 3 is Armin Steiner, Gammon and Nik Hummer. These three founded Thilges in 1996 in order to explore the possibilities of "live performance electro acoustic installations" utilising only analogue synths as their sound source and engineering equipment. Thilges 3 stress the importance of live performances, and their innovations with developing sound performance systems emphasise this importance. Some notes on their activities explain that "the rapid motion of sound patterns combined with the free movement of the listener provides a completely new access to rhythmic electronic music. Through this approach the listener is in a position to create his/her own sound and rhythm patterns". So this being said, there are certain limitations implicit in presenting this music on a prerecorded disc. But still, if the architecture of the venue is a factor in and of itself with regard to how the music is received/perceived by the listener, than every room where this music is played could potentially render a different effect on said listener. Anyway, all potentiality aside, the music on this short little disc of 21 minutes is an intoxicating cluster of developing and evolving rhythms composed of a full range of clicks and whirrs. In short, this is superb rhythmic electronica, made with little ornament but with great attention to detail and sound dimension. Thilges also have a subscription service for their CDs (Saumarkt is their third release, the previous two are available through their web site), so check out this innovative trio and keep your eyes peeled for a concert appearance near you.
[Vils M DiSanto]