-d r . k e r n- 1 2
11.december 1999-live (munich)
mastered in vienna 2000
instrument: a-100 (doepfer)
design: christian bretter, IWO INT.
(c)&(p) 2000 thilges 3
isrc at-h66-99-th302

Blow up /italy reviewer: Nicola Catalano

"But the palm of the best records of this month goes without any doubt
to the infamous Austrian Thilges 3, whose 3"s
"Hackerbrücke" and "Dr. Kern" (Thilges),
first two in a series of ten 3"s, take the greatest possible advantage
out of the capacities of old analogic synths and the ponderous
background of visual artist and installation specialists of the
authors, fairly dividing very small and sharp pulses, clicks & pops,
dry rhythmical cracks, electronic layers and noise-minimalistic drones
between the two little discs."