Elbphilharmonie / Hamburg

(Konzertausschnitt 6:18 min / Gesamtlänge 70 min)

Gammon – Modular Synthesizer
Im November 2019 war ich mit dem Projekt Modular Synthesizer Ensemble eine Woche lang Gast in den Kaistudios der Elbphilharmonie.

Das Live-Konzert auf der Plaza war überraschend und erfrischend für die vielen entdeckungsfreudigen BesucherInnen.

Kamera: Jonas Danielowsky
Herzlichen Dank an Benjamin und Tobi.

I was invited to the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg as a freelance lecturer with my project the „MODULAR SYNTHESIZER ENSEMBLE“.
During this week in November 2019 i was teaching several Modular Synthesizer Workshops for youth and adults within the music education program „Instrumentenwelt“.

Since the workshops where non-public in the superb Kaistudios, the idea popped out to bring the Modular Synthesizer to the public space of the Elbphilharmonie.

This was indeed a great honour for many reasons. Not just because of this very unique location, the Elbphilharmonie Plaza. To my mind rather because of the fact of coincidence with all kinds of different people. Maybe many of them with no idea of how to play electronic music live.

People were entering the Plaza and astonished by wondrous sounds and a pleasurable transformed atmosphere. Most of them paused for a moment and listened (… and took photos and videos). Some of them passed, some of them came closer. Some of them started to dance, and some of them even asked me about my playing.

Music changed the place.