"it´s not how loud you make it, it´s how you make it loud"
(bob katz)

eigentone - analog mastering approach

fine tuning through equalization and audio level compression, eigentone´s mastering approach is about reducing the finalizing audio process through these steps and finishing it with a pure analog signal flow.

appogee´s AD/DA converter delivers accurate and clear audio conversion for the following analog processing units.

one could say the handmade analog console from gernot axmann is the heart of the eigentone studio for recording and mixing, but specifically the preamps and particularly the filter unit are not to be underestimated within the mastering process. the main focus of course is the manely "massive passive" tube EQ. Just running through is improving the sound...no better starting point to get to this indescribably natural and organic fattness and incomparable tranparency for the final mastering with this extraordinary warm and musical EQ. last but not least the focusrite red3. through its discreet tube compression from the "massivo" the red3 gets excellent assistance for audio level compression. ...very helpful with letting the red3 act for the delightful tightness without loosing any  of the dynamic diversity of the source material.

this entire mastering process would not be possible without a pair of intriguing and precise speakers. the activ PMC aml1 monitors are the right choice to let this workflow be an absolute audible pleasure.